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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to make the best quality product using latest technologies and techniques, which will satisfy the different needs of our client. We strive to continue and cultivate the art and to reach more and more artists across the world.

History of Devotion

First generation of Sitarmakers | K S Sitarmaker, Miraj

Miraj is situated in the Southern part of Maharashtra and is World Famous for manufacturing string (musical) instruments like Sitars and Tanpuras.

In 1850 Shikalkar brother i.e. Mohinuddin and Faridsaheb took initiative steps and manufactured the Very First String Instruments.

Mohinuddin’s son Aminsaheb and grandsons Nabisaheb and Abasaheb continued the profession and the product was available all over India and Indians musicians are to play the Sitar, Tanpura manufactured by Nabisaheb. Due to the occupation, people used to call him Sitarmaker, which became very much familiar and lead to change in surname of Shikalkar to Sitarmaker.

K S Sitarmakers historic shop in Miraj

Our prior generation has put forth the best impression in the field and we too aim to continue the same in the satisfying our worldwide customers.

Ustad Abdul Karm Khan from Kirana family (Gharana), the resident of Miraj, uses the products made by Nabisaheb.

From 1914 to 2007, Husensaheb, the son of Nabisaheb, continued the profession. He was additionally guided by Ustad Abdul Karim Khan for upgrade of melodic vocation.

Recently our 6th generation devotionally engaged in carrying forward the tradition of manufacturing the instruments. Lot of efforts is taken to create a good and ultimate product for the customers.

Shabbuddin Sitarmaker, son of the Husensaheb is (carrying out the journey) following the tradition of manufacturing musical instruments.

Sons of Shabbuddin, Wahid and Kayyum, achieved mastery skills in the field. Great instruments are manufactured by keeping in mind the Artist’s need.

Shabbuddin Sitarmaker with his sons Kayyum and Wahid, Current generation of K S Sitarmaker, Miraj

Technical skills, which is gifted by fare fathers and advanced knowledge, lead us to innovate and to manufacture the innovative instrument with modern looks and styles and to satisfy our wide range of consumers.

Generations of the Makers

  • Mohinuddin Saheb Sitarmaker Mohinuddin Saheb
    • Amin Saheb Sitarmaker Amin Saheb
      • Nabi Saheb Sitarmaker Nabi Saheb
        • Hussen Saheb Sitarmaker Hussen Saheb
          • Shahabuddin Sitarmaker Shahabuddin
            • Kayyum Sitarmaker Kayyum
            • Wahid Sitarmaker Wahid
Premium quality products with safe packaging and 100% customer satisfaction | K S Sitarmaker, Miraj
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