This treasured instrument made by K.s.sitarmaker has been a wonderful addition to my practice of sound yoga.
Every step was made to ensure the style of was suitable for me and lovingly handcrafted and arrived perfectly to Australia. So much attention to detail from the sound of the instrument to the most beautiful hand carving & painting. Thank you for this beautiful treasure

Natalie, Australia

I am very pleased with my Ravi Shankar style sitar from KS Sitarmaker. Very beautiful art work and lovely wood color exactly how I had wanted!
The instrument was beautifully made within the requested time frame, KS sitar maker ji also sent pictures of the sitar construction progress. The Instrument came in a sturdy hard case and in perfect condition from India to United States. The sitar sound is just great, all my family members and friends loved hearing me play the sitar. I would definitely recommend KS sitar maker if you are looking for a great quality sitar and also within reasonable price. Thank you KS sitarmaker for this masterpiece.

Rasika, Portland, Oregon, USA

I can easily say that this Sitar is the most special and exciting instrument of my others. Being able to play Raga music is satisfying experience with this Sitar. After long searching period, I found K.S. Sitarmaker and I`m really glad. Kayyum Ji did a great job from start to finish, in all processes, even after receiving it. This sitar is amazing. Sound, craftsmanship, details, and packaging is excellent. They always helped my questions patiently, and implemented all my personal requests. Everything is so satisfied and I am really happy.

Mert Can Cuzdan, Turkey

“Of all the instruments I’ve had in my life, this one has the most special soul! I feel that playing this tanpura is making me a sweeter singer and more calm musician. I feel so grateful to have brought some of the magic of Indian classical music home with me, in such a unique form as this specific instrument. And working with you was so easy - because the interactions were so smooth, I trusted from the very beginning that I would get a super high quality instrument. And I couldn’t be happier! Thank you k.s.sitarmaker! "

Adrienne, USA

I am very happy to have this beautiful instrument made by real craftsman from India it is great thank you very much K.s.sitarmaker,

Marcelina, Poland

"I love the raga music from India, and the sound from the sitar.
For me, as a begginer, is wonderful to have the
chance to play this amazing instrument.
I found K.S Sitarmaker thanks to a sitar player from
Argentina with a lot of years of experience,
and I am very grateful to both.
Satisfied to have a part of India at home,
Thank you K.S.Sitarmaker."

Hi friends, this is my fourth Sitar built by KS SITARMAKER they built me the first Sitar two years ago and it was great they are really professionals and so since I like to have many instruments I have always continued with them They all have an extraordinary and distinctive sound. Highly recommended. Thanks Kayyum Whaid and Shahabuddin for your great work.

Alberto Zurco, Italy

I ordered a kharaj-pancham sitar from Kayyum Sitarmaker. He did everything as i asked. The end result is a beautiful masterpiece with excellent sound and material quality. He documented each work phase with a photo, and sent it to me. It was one of the greatest experience of my life. Thank you kayyum Ji...!

Balázs, Hungary

Hello Kayuum. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new sitar you`ve sent. This is my fourth sitar and this is by far the best I`ve had. Every detail
is exactly what I asked for and the quality is outstanding. Thank you so much. Very well done

Tony, from Vancouver, Canada

Received my Tanpura today. Excellent packaging and the quality of the instrument is wonderful! Thank you so much k.s.sitarmaker

Lakshmi, Australia

“I searched an indian classical handmade instrument, that was done with experience, professionalism and devotion. I found more than this! Kayyum make me participate to the process of evolution of the Tanpura I ordered, making it with some personalized details. He was always available to respond to my requests. I received the instrument very fast, in a perfect conditions. Finally I received at home the fragrance of India. Thanks Kayyum and all your family who participate to the process! God bless you!"

Shivani, Switzerland

I am very pleased with my Vilayat Khan style sitar from Kayyum Satarmaker! He started making the sitar when i ordered it, and he sent me wonderful progress pictures during construction. The instrument arrived at my home in los angeles in perfect condition; very well packed with a quality case! I have used it for performances and recordings and it sounds great! I have received many compliments from my peers about the quality and beauty of the sitar! I will definitely be recommending Kayyum Satarmaker to my friends and students in the future!

Khamvongsa, USA

Kayyum Satarmaker has made me not only an extraordinary tanpura but also an incredible beautiful piece of art. Every detail is perfect and made with such love and care. Most importantly the sound is beautiful and just perfect. I have also been met with a professionalism throughout the whole process since ordering my tanpura 4 months back till I received it in my home in Sweden. I can highly reccommend Kayyum Satarmaker and wish him and his family the best of luck in continuing making the very best instruments.

Maitreyi, Sweden

Loving my sitar Kayyum... Many Thanks to you and your family for creating such a beautiful instrument... .

Namaste ??

Hamish, Canada

Very nice professional tonal quality. Thanks Kayyum bhai.

Anirudha, jamshedpur

Thanks k.s.sitarmaker for a most amazing - beautiful tanpura instrument from you fabulous workshop!

Jens, Ireland

Kayyum Satarmaker you rock!!! I love my new sitar. Took me half an hour to unpackage it very good paking ! If anyone ever wants a sitar contact Kayyum... I highly recommend his work.

Jessica, Canada

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